Li-FePo4 battery pack  (37)
Car battery  (6)
Li-FePo4 cell  (8)
Cylindrical Li-ion battery  (15)
High-rate Li-FePo4 battery  (6)
Li-polymer battery  (2)
electric scooter with 48V lithium battery  (0)
LP473450 battery
Detailed profile
Model LP473450-3.7V  850mah
battery type Lithium Polymer battery
Normail capacity 850Mah
Typical voltage 3.7v
discharge cut-off voltage 2.6v
Charge voltage 4.2v
charge term CC/CV
size with PCM 4.7*34*53mm
weight with PCM 15G
cycle life 300times
Max continual discharge current 1C
Recommended charge current 0.2C
discharge temperature -20~60℃
charge termperature 0~45℃
storage temperature  15 ~ 35

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